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Carpurganá is a little piece of paradise at the end of Colombia’s Caribbean coastline.  Virtually unknown until its first airstrip was built in the 1970s, Carpurganá is now one of Colombia’s most precious destinations with sandy Caribbean beaches nestled between crystal blue waters and mountainous jungles.

On the Caribbean coast near Cape Tiburon bordering Panama. Capurgana has marvelous jungle and sea landscapes, where on the sea there are rocky cliffs and the beaches are made of white coral sands. There are modern tourism installations for this exotic destination -- away from the noise, without the typical street vendors seen in cities.

There are, however, many commercial possibilities here made by local artisans. And, if you're in the mood for dancing, there's even a lively nightlife. The food here is excellent, based on the fresh seafood and fish from the ocean and rivers,
Soledad Beach, the Island of the Birds, Aguacate Bay, the blow hole, and Sapzurro are just a few of the many interesting travel sites and attractions near Capurgana.

Sapzurro, a fisherman’s village just two hours  by foot from Carpurganá (25 minutes by boat), is Colombia’s last town before Panama. It’s even quieter than the bustling settlement of Carpurganá (that is home to approximately 2,500 people). Both are touted as paradise – rightly so – as they are home to dazzling white beaches in the remote tropics.

The area has enticed eco-travelers, scuba divers, hikers and those who just want to bring a book, splash on oodles of sunscreen and relax.


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